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Our Philosophy

Dance is for everyone and everyone can dance!


What is Creative Dance?


relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. (Synonyms: clever, imaginative, ingenious, innovative, inventive, original)


Form of expression that uses bodily movements that are rhythmic, patterned, or sometimes improvised, and often accompanied by music. One of the oldest art forms, the art of dance is found in every culture and is performed for purposes ranging from the ceremonial, liturgical, and magical to the theatrical, social, and simply aesthetic.

The creative dance curriculum incorporates the movement education concepts of Rudolf Von Laban, who stressed the educational benefits of dance as an aesthetic, social, and communicative form. A problem-solving, non-competitive learning approach is used to enhance the students’ awareness of their motor, cognitive, and expressive abilities.

Combining dance techniques with the art of expression gives students the necessary tools to express their feelings through movement. Students develop dance skills, through traditional modern and ballet exercises, providing them with a strong foundation in dance technique. They develop creative skills as they are encouraged to explore the different qualities of movement in relation to space, time, force, and flow. As they explore, they become aware of their different body parts and how they can move them, discover new ways of moving, create designs, and express feelings. Yoga postures and stories and relaxation techniques are integrated into the class to connect body, mind, and spirit.

Here, students learn dance from the inside out for the pure joy of it. They develop a personal relationship with dance which they can take with them throughout their lives.  With a strong knowledge and understanding of dance technique and the freedom of self-expression students not only become better dancers and appreciators of the arts; they also become confident and creative people.


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