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Dancers Workshop

The Dancers Workshop is a performing dance company of young people who share a love of dance and a desire to bring the art of dance to the community. Dance company members perform at several community events and festivals throughout the year, which may include performances at nursing homes, community centers, local town festivals, and schools, as well as family performances. 


The goals of The Dancers Workshop are to:

  • Share a love of dance with the community.

  • Increase people’s awareness of and appreciation for creative and expressive dance.

  • Dance amongst a group of friends who respect and admire each other’s unique ways of moving.

Afternoon of Dance Performance
May, 2023
Children's Dance Festival
May, 2019
Concord Park Ayer Dec 23.JPG
Nashoba Park Assisted Living
December, 2023
2022 Pepperell Fall Festival.JPG
Pepperell Fall Festival
September, 2022
Who Becomes a Member?

Dedicated students, ages 8 to 18, with at least one year of dance experience or by the invitation of the instructor are welcome to be a part of the Dancers Workshop. As a member dancers have the chance to learn pieces of choreography in a variety of dance styles as well as perform their own original works. The focus is on teamwork and performance. Dancers must be focused, disciplined, able to take directions, learn steps, and be able to work cooperatively with a group of people. They must also have an understanding of the hard work involved in preparing for a performance and have a love of dance and performing. Being a member is a commitment, but also a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Rehearsal Policy

Because of the nature of The Dancers Workshop, dancers must commit to being a part of the company for the entire year. Dancers attend rehearsals once a week with additional rehearsals scheduled near performance dates if necessary. In addition to attending workshop rehearsals, students are required to attend at least one other dance technique/choreography class at their appropriate age level. Good attendance is essential for members. Rehearsals are like putting together a jigsaw puzzle – if one piece is missing, it is much more difficult to assemble the others and the picture is different. Therefore, to ensure a positive feeling of support and community within the group, students who miss more than 1-2 rehearsals in a session will be given an appropriately simplified part in the production. If a dancer is sick or unable to attend rehearsal please show courtesy by calling in advance so the rehearsal can be planned accordingly.


To register for The Dancers Workshop, please complete and return a registration form:

Dancers Workshop Policies and Registration

Winter Celebration of Dance
December, 2023
2022 VT Dance Share.JPEG
Brattleboro, VT Dance Share
April, 2022
2022 Afternoon of Dance.jpg
Afternoon of Dance Performance
May, 2022
April 2022 Groton Nursing Home.JPG
RiverCourt Residences
March, 2022
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